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Korey “XROSS” Dean designed and developed the Man-Up Club after serving as a student advocate to more than 500 African American High School students. As a result of observing and researching the behavior and practical needs of African American students, he developed a curriculum and program to address the specific needs of the African American males students. Mr. Dean came to the conclusion, of all the students he represented, it was the African American male who faced the most challenges to reach graduation on time and experienced the most stumbling blocks to become successful beyond High School. Today The Man Up Club is a non-profit, mentor-leadership organization for minority males. The Man Up Club has a strong focus on academic discipline, building social skills, life skills, civic responsibility, and peer to peer accountability through a personal development approach.

The Man Up Club 2017 - A Walk through North Minneapolis

Week two of the Man Up Club we took a walk through North Minneapolis, where many of these young dudes call home. Their assignment was to just observe—to write down what they saw, the good, the bad, the people, the sounds, the energy. It was an incredible experience to hear what new perspectives came out of this exercise. Sometimes, to take a step back and just reflect can be an eye-opening and even life-changing experience.It's only been two weeks, just listen to what some of these guys have to say. ↓

Posted by The Man Up Club on Friday, July 21, 2017

The Man Up Club empowers young black males to make positive life choices while preparing them for post-high school education via college or trade school. The Man Up Club offers these young men a safe place to build positive long lasting relationships with mentors, a brotherhood to congregate, as well as facilitated discussions about life challenges, family dynamics and dealing specifically with the issue of fatherlessness. The goal of the Man Up Club is to equip these young boys and prepare them to become valued competing members of society.

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